The Adventures of NetEase TryFun Black Hole Variable Speed Telescopic Aircraft Cup Experience

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Those needs that have been forgotten and ignored have been tapped, and sexual needs have been mentioned more and more by us. "Sex" is required by most creatures, and so are advanced animals. Because we have all missed that wild era, we now need to go through complex social behaviors to get a normal sexual experience, that is, knowing each other-becoming friends-eating-watching movies-establishing relationships-bringing ID cards-hotels- Strike a horse... But what if you don't have a girlfriend? A person is either in the bedroom or in the bathroom...holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars, let life spin...

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Detailed evaluation of KISTOY cute rabbit! ! Detailed comparison with PollyPlus! MissKK Bunny

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It really look good, It really look good ​​Let’s talk about Miss KK little cute rabbit today; This article will make a detailed evaluation on appearance, weight, size, noise and experience It belongs to the same brand as Polly. It has a higher appearance than Polly, and it also has a very compelling magnetic charging case. Why is there a gap of dozens of times in sales? Polly must be better than rabbits in some ways, maybe some people don't care about this. Rabbits can fully meet their requirements. But they didn't understand the difference between the two models, so...

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