Detailed evaluation of KISTOY cute rabbit! ! Detailed comparison with PollyPlus! MissKK Bunny

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It really look good, It really look good ​​Let’s talk about Miss KK little cute rabbit today;

This article will make a detailed evaluation on appearance, weight, size, noise and experience

It belongs to the same brand as Polly. It has a higher appearance than Polly, and it also has a very compelling magnetic charging case. Why is there a gap of dozens of times in sales?

Polly must be better than rabbits in some ways, maybe some people don't care about this.

Rabbits can fully meet their requirements. But they didn't understand the difference between the two models, so they could only buy the high-selling Polly from the crowd. After spending some extra money, you may have to abandon your favorite styles.

A good evaluation should allow readers to have an objective and complete understanding of a product, and then choose a product that suits them according to their own needs.

If a bunny with good looks and a lower price can meet your needs, why bother to buy Polly.

So this article will also focus on the comparison between rabbit and Polly;

The appearance of the packaging box is also to my liking

The poor little rabbit is locked in a box of evil! I couldn't bear it, immediately released the rabbit paper (fog)

The material is silicone, which is not as soft and smooth as Polly and ice cream;

Silicone materials are all sticky, which cannot be avoided. But after I played with rabbit and Polly for a period of time, the problem of rabbit sticking hair became more serious. I don't know if it is the material problem or the pink color of the rabbit is more reddish, which makes the sticking hair more obvious.

After playing with it for a period of time, I think that Polly's hand is better than a rabbit. The rabbit's body is shorter and wider. The hand-held comfort is definitely not as good as the Polly handle.

(You can take a medium-sized apple and try to feel the feel)

It has a very small smell. When it was first opened, it had a very small smell. After being left on the table for two days, no matter how much it smelled, it almost could not smell.

I'm going to have a good chat about this charging box. It is made of acrylic material, which is expensive to make. Almost all the advantages of plastic and glass are combined: light, high light transmittance, wear resistance and drop resistance

If it accidentally falls off the table, it will shatter if it is glass, and it will wear out ugly if it is plastic. The acrylic material will hardly be worn and will not be broken.

In short, it has a sense of high-end, in the words of my former boss, it has a "sense of craftsmanship"


After the charging box is connected with a magnetic charger, put the rabbit in the box to start charging.

If you lose the box, you can also charge it directly on the rabbit.

It weighs 106.4 grams, which is about 20 grams lighter than Polly



Total length: 8.1CM

Width: 5.6CM

Sucking mouth: about 1.2CM

Tail length: about 1CM

Voice (emphasis):

Its voice is much louder than Polly;

When I was doing two tests, the first thought in my mind was "Oh, the sound gap is so big."

Polly's voice should be low

Simulated environment test:

Room: First gear, you can hear obvious sounds when standing on the opposite corner of the room

Second door: the first gear, you can hear the sound, you can also hear a slight sound one meter away from the door

At the same time, in the same environment, we re-tested the noise of Polly Plus

Next door: the biggest gear, no sound, no sound at all

Please note that this is the sound comparison between the first gear and the largest gear

If you can use Polly if you have a room of your own, then the rabbit may be suitable for a lady who lives alone;


The experience of sucking is comparable to that of Polly. We asked the brand and got the same answer; it really the same?

Hand feeling, heating, ease of use and even noise will affect our experience to a large extent, and these are very subjective feelings, and everyone’s experience may be different, so I will not show it here;

I will write out all the gaps between Rabbit and Polly after the article. If you don’t care about these gaps, then Rabbit is very suitable for you. It can bring almost the same experience as Polly.

The difference between a rabbit and Polly Plus

Noise, heating, hand-held feeling, texture

1. The rabbit has a louder voice (see the sound section for details)

2. Polly Plus has a heating function, but rabbits do not

3. Polly feels much better to hold, it won’t be tired after long time use

4. Polly silicone material is softer and more delicate, and it is less prone to sticky hair than rabbits

common problem

Q: How does the sucking function compare to Polly?

A: Almost the same

Q: How to use the vibration function?

A: After turning on the switch, you can successfully switch by pressing the button behind the switch.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: Waterproof, but don't use it immersed in water, it will damage the sucking function.