The Adventures of NetEase TryFun Black Hole Variable Speed Telescopic Aircraft Cup Experience

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Those needs that have been forgotten and ignored have been tapped, and sexual needs have been mentioned more and more by us. "Sex" is required by most creatures, and so are advanced animals. Because we have all missed that wild era, we now need to go through complex social behaviors to get a normal sexual experience, that is, knowing each other-becoming friends-eating-watching movies-establishing relationships-bringing ID cards-hotels- Strike a horse... But what if you don't have a girlfriend? A person is either in the bedroom or in the bathroom...holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars, let life spin and jump at the fingertips, let the youth sprinkle in heartily ???

We should face our needs, just as we face ourselves:

We have no money, we are lonely, we need to go out of the house, to embrace youth, to embrace sexiness, to embrace the uneven beauty; we need to open P in the boring late night, standing in front of the computer in front of the mobile phone screen, let Toys bring us pleasure and free our hands.

Fortunately, I finally got the Netease TryFun black hole cup from Netease Chunfeng; first of all, I bought the toys of inverted models in the early years, but at that time most of them were manual, and now there are still warriors in love. And manual, for these gentlemen, I want to say, brother dei, or try the electric one (winking eyebrows). The electric cup can be changed into the inner tank, and you can try different styles of ups and downs.


【Product packaging】

In terms of express packaging, please keep the express delivery confidential and take it with confidence... But this express box is really not small, very large, and it is estimated that the big product is not small;

There is a sentence on the top of the box of Netease Chunfeng Black Hole, "speed and passion that cannot be resisted". I don't know how you interpret it?

TryFun Black Hole Cup For Male Stroker For Male

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【Products and Accessories】

Sure enough, the big baby of Netease Chunfeng Black Hole is really huge, but it’s not a problem to hold it with one hand, so you can hold the glasses with the other hand and then fast forward the progress bar... hhh, get back to business, can’t wait After opening the package, what you see is...not the big baby, but the lubricating oil, the data cable...

I took off my pants. "Just this, this, this." It is strongly recommended to put the product on the first sight of unboxing, and put the accessories underneath. Check the packaging of other people’s iPhone. Open the lid and you will find the mobile phone and accessories. It's all below, otherwise, wouldn't it be overwhelming. The first thing you want to see when you open the package must be the product itself;

Products and accessories: black hole cup x1, cleaning brush x2, data cable x1, manual x1

The cleaning brush is well received, it should be very convenient when cleaning; a Type-C charging cable is included without a charging head; lubricating oil seems to be a high-consumption product, it is recommended to buy a few more bottles of standing, after all, life needs to be moisturized to make it smoother .

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(Depends on state law the lubricating oil may not included)


To tell the truth, this product is really big, a bit like a thermos...It is very concealed, if you don't know it on the table, you think it is a water cup;

There is a transparent sticker on the back of the product, which describes the disassembly and installation of the toy; the top of the back is the Type-C charging port, and the charging port has no waterproof plug. Since the inner tank is detachable, the outer shell is generally not washed with water, and occasionally wet Wipe it with a paper towel.

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Netease TryFun Black Hole has the "Chunfeng TryFun" logo in the middle and lower part of the front, and the top is the function control button; they are the power display, heating button, mode button, and stepless speed knob. The stepless speed knob is also the power button.

The stepless variable speed knob is also the power button. Long press for 1.5s to turn on/off, the power indicator will flash twice when turning on, and automatically expand and contract twice to enter the standby state; short press to start/pause the pull-and-pull function, and turn it on after each pause Slow pumping; clockwise rotation is acceleration, counterclockwise rotation is deceleration;

Mode button: short press to switch between four modes; uniform and low speed expansion and contraction, high and low speed alternate expansion and contraction, wave expansion and contraction, pulse expansion and contraction;

Heating button: After turning on the machine, the stand-alone unit starts heating, heating for minutes, keeping warm for 20 minutes, the indicator light flashes during the heating process, and the heat preservation status indicator light stays on

[Use, disassembly, installation]

Before use 1: You need to remove the bottom cover when you use it. This cover is quite tight. Remove the cover and there is a sentence on the cover that says "It is recommended to close the cover when heating";

Before use 2: Remove the inner tank first, and then clean the inner tank well. Of course, it is perfectly possible to wash it several times. After washing, wipe it clean before putting it back into the outer shell;

Before use 3: After cleaning, put the inner tank back into the toy and you can play happily. Be sure to pour an appropriate amount of lubricating fluid into the toy, otherwise there will be a probability of discomfort.

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The regular version of NetEase Chunfeng Black Hole comes with a basic soft rubber liner. Of course, the official also provides a compact and comfortable liner. The main difference is the difference in the texture of the inner wall. This should be understood by everyone. Let's talk together in the comment area? ? ?

Netease Chunfeng’s black hole cup has very little odor. For soft toys, the odor is a particularly important factor; the inner tank is very soft to handle, and it is not very different from conventional cups, but it feels more comfortable to the touch. , The workmanship is excellent.

The inner liner is made of food-grade TPF soft rubber, which imitates the softness of a certain part of the human body to a certain extent.

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Netease Chunfeng Black Hole is rotated from the bottom to open the bottom buckle, and then lift to remove the inner tank for cleaning or replacement. The same is true when installing it back. Put the inner tank in and rotate to lock it. There is a certain magnetic connection between the inner tank and the outer body of the fuselage. When you take it out, you can easily take it out by shaking it back and forth. When you put it in, you can align it with an electric shock.

【feeling of using】

Netease Chunfeng Black Hole feels very soft to the touch, and with the right amount of lubricating fluid, the whole experience is very comfortable; it is definitely much more comfortable than using the five girls; Netease Chunfeng Black Hole is relatively large but not bulky. It can be easily held with one hand, and it will not last for a long time. You will feel tired; the four modes suggest that everyone simply experience 3 or 5 seconds and choose your favorite mode to experience. After all, everyone’s favorite mode rhythm is different, or several modes are switched back and forth, or according to the different plots of the movie. Selection; the heating mode experience is general, mainly due to the longer heating time. If you want to play, it is recommended to heat up in advance, so the experience will be much better; but the built-in heating is still far more advanced than those that require heating rods for heating;

Novice players may not be very comfortable with the function control. It will be much better if you need to simply get started and adjust a few times. It must be a general understanding of the functions and related modes before the actual experience, otherwise it will affect the first time the aircraft Cup experience

It is recommended to perform meticulous cleaning before and after each play, lubricating fluid is essential, and heating in advance;


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to sum up:

Many people prefer to use their hands instead of using cups. I think it is very undesirable. If toys can improve our experience to a certain extent, why not make us more happy and happier by using the black hole of Netease Chunfeng?

Netease Chunfeng Black Hole is a very good product. First of all, it is very comfortable to the touch; as long as it is cleaned before and after each use, there will be no smell; the four modes can provide a completely different experience of the manual cup, and The telescopic speed can be adjusted steplessly according to personal preferences. The speed control knob is relatively large and easy to operate blindly; the built-in heating function can greatly improve the entire experience, but the heating takes a long time, and it is recommended to heat up in advance before playing; this This type of product and this type of product are available for purchase. The purchase recommendation is to choose a reliable channel on a large platform.

Can cups replace girlfriends? Obviously it is impossible. It is just a pastime in our free time, which allows us to spend day and night happily and more comfortably when we are alone; do not blindly refuse or criticize, because this is our normal need.

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